Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cheesehounds, let's get back to basics

All too often, one of you gentle readers pipes up and laments the dearth of dedicated cheese posts, and time and time again, I'm forced to direct you to the "n things" part of this here blog. The thing is, there is just too much yumminess out there to limit my scribbling to cheese-based observation. But when a fantastic cheese crosses my path, or more appropriately, my palate, you know I'll be here telling you about it.

Enter Charvollais from French affineur, Herve Mons.

I discovered this delectable delight while nosing around the cheese counter yesterday, pre-Fourth of July revelry, and man, am I glad I did. This fine fromage is goaty, with a thick creamy, golden layer between itself and the rind. It elicited "oohs", "ahhs" and even a few guttoral grunts of approval from the very cheese-loving company I keep. In fact, it was so toothsome (note to self: use the word "toothsome" more often) that I called my fromagerie friends back today and inquired about the likelihood of procuring this cheese again, and often. It seems Monsieur Mons is a highly-celebrated affineur and his cheeses are prized and somewhat hard to come by. Translation: make it your business to find some of this stuff and buy it when you can. You shan't be disappointed.

We found the Charvollais to be sublime on its own, but also nice alongside grilled figs drizzled with honey.
We served all of the above with a chilled Vinho Verde that, itself, had notes of honey and green apples–perfect on a summer afternoon.

Other than that, I've been eating a lot of fruit. It's what you do in summer, and when everything's ripe and juicy and looking this good, how can you not start your day this way?

Finally, I don't usually use this blog to make reading recommendations, but I'm loving "Cooking with Fernet Branca" by James Hamilton-Patterson and I think you will, too. It's a rollicking summer romp and I'm forcing myself to savor it since I can already tell I'll be sad to see it end.

So, to recap, your shopping list should now include Charvollais, Vinho Verde, and a ripe pineapple to enjoy under the trees while sipping your morning tea and reading "Cooking with Fernet Branca." You dig?


Anonymous stephanie said...

My dear, you are looking absolutely toothsome this evening.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your profile pic is cute, but do the parents of the naked little girl standing behind you know her photo is on the web? it's a tad creepy.

5:13 PM  
Blogger jamie said...

The parents are likely European (shot taken in Croatia) and thus, wouldn't care. Only we puritanical yanks would be scandalized by such things.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually there are laws against this sort of thing in America...don't know about Europe. Wasn't expecting to see my comment on-blog, was just trying to be helpful to you from one blogger to another. In the industry in which I work, we have to get parental signatures to put ANY photo of a child online (because of internet laws re: children and such), much less a photo of one without her top. I wasn't scandalized--just looking out for ya. No biggie.

11:56 AM  
Blogger jamie said...

Apologies if I wrongly implied you were scandalized; I was kidding anyway, but your use of the word "creepy" does suggest a mild distaste.

Further apologies if you don't mean for these comments to appear here. I don't know how to respond to them otherwise as you are anonymous and blogger doesn't provide me another means of replying. Which is fine, of course. Just let me know if you'd like me to take them down.

As far as the laws you speak's food for thought. Thanks for the heads-up.

12:12 PM  

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