Sunday, May 20, 2007

You got ta know when ta hold 'em

Presenting my winnings! Why? Because it was my first attempt at poker, and you can bet this will never happen again. The best thing about this scenario was that our hosts were seasoned sharks, who, I am convinced, invited us over to ply us with tequila and then fleece us. Not so fast, compadres. I'm not a gambler by nature, but I came through and showed them what's what. And I will tell you that the high of walking out of there with all their money lasted a good long time.


Blogger fotofather said...

I am suprised Jamie, you did not even mention the flank stake marinade or the Margarita recipe! It was an evening of food and drink w/poker, not poker w/food and drink.

12:04 PM  

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