Monday, February 25, 2008

The election turns ugly

Well, people, it's politics as usual in the dog-eat-dog world of recipe creation. My rivals in the hotly-contested Mac 'n' Cheese contest on have resorted to ballot box stuffing to secure sizable leads before the voting ends this Friday, February 29. If you want to support an honest recipe and you want to end sleazy cheesemongering, please vote for my recipe--Fondue Mac-- here!

I'm Jamie Shaw and I support this message.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Valentines report: better late than never

I've been meaning to post the pix from our French Valentines meal-- which was lovely, thank you for asking--but that nasty bug going around has had me bedridden for a few days and this is the first time I've been upright long enough to post an entry. And you'll forgive the long, rambly, stream-of-consciousness sentences here, I hope, because my energy is minimal. So on to the snaps.

As you know from le previously posted menu, we made Thomas Keller's roquefort and leek quiche. I was delighted that it emerged a lovely golden brown creation, as the blue veins on the cheese had me worried about a green eggs (sans ham) scenario. It was light and fluffy and full of flavor, especially so the next morning.

This was accompanied by haricot vert with pistou (adapted from a recipe on epicurious) and of course, the perfect pommes frites, presented by the Huzz.

And finally, the clafoutis. And please, when you read that, pronounce it, finaLEE, the clafouTEE. It's just more fun that way.

Truth be told, I wouldn't use frozen cherries again because they taste, well, frozen, but after a few tipples of champagne one doesn't grouse about such things; one just makes quick mental note and then refills one's glass.

And that, my friends, is all the news I'm fit to print. It's back to bed for me with hot tea and a third day of clicking channels and cursing the endless Obama-Hillary-McCain onslaught. I found a few nice shows about lemurs and orangutans yesterday, but was moved, in my weakened state, to tears, when various little primates were injured or killed by bigger beasts. Here's hoping for some happier diversions today.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Voila: le menu

Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh leetle cheeselings, I am needing your weesdom

Because I am learning to speak français, The Huzz suggests we go with a French theme for Valentines Day. He likes the idea of french food, french wine, bon mots, bon bons, berets, Serge Gainsbourg and–he threw in for good measure–french kissing. When I asked what sort of entrée he fancied, he replied with the old standby, coq au vin. Uninspired, I declined. I have soufflé on the brain, but we did that on our anniversary. Any delicieux ideas, francophiles?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Vote for me!

No, I'm not running in the primaries. But I did just enter the Mac 'n' Cheese contest on Please vote for my recipe--Fondue Mac-- here! And thanks for your support, cheeselings!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rainy day report

Well vicarious food-lovers, I hate to disappoint, but Danko plans were derailed as one sister-in-law was suffering stomach sickness on the day of The Big Feed. And as the birthday guest of honor, her absence would have made for a less-than-celebratory fete. However, tonight we're venturing out for Birthday Celebration Redux, this time to Waterbar--a fitting choice since water reigns (sorry) in our collective consciousness these days.

In other news, I'm learning a lot about bamboo lately. And making lots of gratuitous, lame jokes about wanting to avoid being bamboozled. You see, we're planning to plant a "screen" of bamboo to block our view into the neighbor's nasty yard, and wow. Who knew there were so many varieties and details to figure out. In any case, the research is leading me to lovely places like nearby Green Gulch Zen Center, which I've always wanted to visit, but haven't had a reason, save passing en route to The Pelican Inn. I suppose having a "reason" to do anything Zen is counter to the idea, but while hunting for bamboo today, I had a Zen moment of my own at the good old local garden center. I was searching the grounds for bamboo by myself in the rain, realizing there was none to be found when I heard a curious sound following me--an ethereal, enchanting little clopping sound I couldn't place. It became so hypnotic, I turned to locate it and followed its sound through the palm fronds and hanging vines. As I came upon it, I discovered it was the music from simple windchimes made of--what else--bamboo. Quelle serendipitous serenade! While I was unable to find what I wanted, I forgot my intent and found myself caught in the moment, following my senses and my curiosity. And they led me right to what I'd been seeking--though in another form. And one, I might add, that gave me a disproportionate amount of happiness just in its unexpectedness. Needless to say, said chimes are now doing their thing in the garden and giving me no end of Zen delight. Every time the wind picks up I run over and open the door so I can hear their unusual, soothing sound.

And with that my pretties, I'm off for a lie-down before our excursion to what will surely be a less-than-Zen evening in a raucous new hotspot downtown. Details demain et au revoir pour la minute.