Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They say nothing good ever comes in the mail

But they are wrong. So very wrong.

This morning, a mysterious package arrived. It was made even more mysterious by the "perishable" label, alerting me that it was either a new puppy (hooray!) or something I could eat (huzzah!) and yes, all you sickos, the two are mutually exclusive.

Then I discovered the cold packing, my curiousity building.

I waded through the sea of green peanuts to find a rather unremarkably-wrapped bundle.

And then, a very remarkably wrapped bundle.

And at last, the gilded grail:

This magnificence was sent unexpectedly by a friend. A friend, let it be said, who is possibly birthing a baby at this very moment. But that didn't stop her sending me this most luxurious gift of chocolate. And not just any chocolate. Chocolate molded into the shape of traditional Latin American milagros or "miracles" that serve as good luck charms. And that's not all....these amulet confections are made of exquisite Valrhona cocoa dipped in delicate, edible gold leaf from Todos Santos in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Do I feel like a queen? Yes, yes I do.

Gracias, Sylvi. Muchos besitos all over your big belly!