Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bonne Année!

As you can see, my New Year's Resolutions are well under way. Mastering French is tops on my list. I should really be perfecting mi Español, as we're going to Mexico in May, but brushing up isn't nearly as fun as learning something new. Other resolutions include getting in shape (yawn; so pedestrian) and, of course, posting on the blog more faithfully. Apparently, I'm a featured publisher on Foodbuzz now, so maybe that will light a fire under my backside and inspire more regular posts. Probably not, but let's aim high, shall we?

In a good faith demonstration of my intention, I'll start with a few tips and tastes for 2008.

1. This may be old news to many of you sweet-toothed readers, but for those not in the know, Miette is home to all manner of sublime sweeties, as evidenced by this lovely assortment, stuffed in my stocking by Santa (also known as The Huzz).

Included here are samples of orange flower water, handmade Parisian candies painstakingly wrapped to include messages of love, Italian chocolates fashioned into flowers, a Jasmine chocolate bar, and cinnamon pastilles. Boys, keep your eyes on the Valentines horizon (Wow, I think just lifted that from an Elizabeth Bishop poem. Something about the slant rhyme "keeping your eyes on/the bright horizon" is ringing a long-lost bell. How I love EB. But I digress...)

2. In my best effort at working towards Resolution #2, the dreaded shape-shifting, I recently created this deceptively delicious Spaghetti Squash Pomodoro. Deceptive because you'd swear you were eating capellini. Delicious because it's tossed in all the de rigeur Italian staples (tomatoes, basil, olives, olive oil and yes, darlings, cheese). Quite simply, you can slice a spaghetti squash into halves, scoop out the seeds, roast it, sliced side down on a cookie sheet for 45, and then scrape the strands out and use as a pasta substitute. C'est bon! (See how much French I already know? I'm practically fluent.)

3. I have a recommendation. And this is it.

Despite appearances, this is NOT some sort of kitsch Hello Kitty knife (let it be known that I have long been anti-The Kitty and always hear its name in the same spitting tone that Newman says "Hello Jerry" on Seinfeld. But I digress.) The knife is, in fact, a ceramic model produced by Kyocera, and it's quite a revelation. Sent to me this holiday from the original Santa (also known as The Mom), it's curiously sharp, slicing through a tomato like nobody's business. Or, like the business of someone who really wants to make a clean cut in a tomato. And that someone is me. Apparently, it doesn't need sharpening, and maintains an edge much longer than your average cutting tool. And it's (pretty in) pink. Barbie Dream Knife.

OK, with that I'll close. The Huzz is lurking about, loudly stirring his Emergen-C whilst waiting for me to repair to the salon for a viewing of "Paris, je t'aime."

Until next time, adieu!


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