Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alive and cookin'

Faithful readers all,

I've been remiss in my blogging duties, so thanks to most of you for being patient and some of you for lovingly chastising me. I tried to find an image of a naughty child to post in acknowledgment of my bad blogging behavior, but the google image bank disappoints. I did however find this, which I find rather delightful. It's actually a pretty good depiction of how I've felt lately, all frazzled and bedraggled and in dire need of a manicure.

Anyway, you can chalk my absence up to holiday travel, a pick-up in client activity and a busted camera. I know I can blog without photo documentation, but it's so much more fun to see what you're going to eat.

The good news is, I have friends coming over tonight and I'm dreaming up a menu right now. If everything goes according to plan, a new entry with recipes is imminent.


Blogger Anna Haight said...

Good to see you back Jamie!

6:31 PM  

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