Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anniversary Anecdote

Last year around this time, we were cruising the Croatian islands on a yacht.

I know that sounds ridiculously decadent, but we rented a boat and a crew for our party of 10 and it was actually quite reasonably priced for the quality of food and sightseeing it provided. I knew it was going to be brilliant when, within the first 20 minutes, the crew were pouring us champagne and asking us to pick out a lobster for lunch. It so happens that our first anniversary fell during that trip as well, so we enjoyed a pretty spectacular backdrop for our 1-year celebration.

This year, we've decided to celebrate in more modest style by cooking at home. I haven't figured out our menu yet, but it occurred to me we could use this opportunity to recreate some of the dishes we enjoyed in Croatia, including stuffed peppers, gnocchi (we were just across from Italy, you know) and a local sausage called cevapcici. That's pronounced cha-vap-chi-chi for anyone who's wondering. Lucky for us, our sis-in-law's mother is a real live Croatian, born and bred. And she's agreed to show Adri and me how to whip up some of her native dishes this weekend.

Will keep you posted on the process and the results.


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